Reviews Prostovit

  • Alain
    Faced with problems like prostatitis, I bought Prostovit. On the ninth day, it was obvious that the pain had passed and the inflammation began to subside. Decreased desire to go to the toilet at night. Overall, I recommend this tool to everyone, it doesn't disappoint and it's not expensive.
  • Patrick
    Wife ordered Prostovit online. All questions were answered over the phone and sent quickly. The taste is herbal and very comfortable. I didn't notice anything at first, but after a week the pain subsided a lot and I started going to the toilet. I still use it for prevention.
  • Christian
    Prostatitis is treated in different ways, but nothing helps, it just gets worse. I don't think anything can help me when prostatitis becomes chronic. Until a friend recommended Prostovit. Really good medicine. I used it for a month and today I passed the test - the disease is gone.
  • Dave
    In fact, I never thought that I would encounter such a problem as prostatitis. But what to do, this happened. I stumbled across the internet and decided to order Prostovit drops. You know, I am completely satisfied with the results. In just 2 weeks, the pain was completely gone.
  • Joshua
    First, I went to the doctor with prostatitis and was treated as I prescribed. Everything was fine at first, but after a few months the symptoms reappeared. I decided to order Prostovit and am very happy with the results. I am still on prophylaxis.
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