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Fill out the form to order products at a discounted price in France, which can be done on the manufacturer's official website. This offer is valid for your city - Bourg-Saint-Maurice. To get started, fill out a simple order form (with your name and phone number) on the website. Within 15 minutes the manager will call you to confirm the order and you can discuss all possible issues with him. After placing your order, pick it up in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, and at your convenience, when you receive a message, you can pay for the order or receive payment for it. Remember, the exact cost of sending a package depends on the distance to your city.

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  • Alain
    Faced with problems like prostatitis, I bought Prostovit. On the ninth day, it was obvious that the pain had passed and the inflammation began to subside. Decreased desire to go to the toilet at night. Overall, I recommend this tool to everyone, it doesn't disappoint and it's not expensive.